Friday, September 5, 2008

Political Advocate

No, I'm not getting into it.

All I will say is that I'm incredibly frustrated by how extremist everything is. Where is the rational thinking person who falls somewhere in the middle? The person who I can agree with on more topics than I cringe at?

Chris's grandpa Jerry is a very political person. His views are also extreme, he is very conservative. I rarely agree with everything he says, however I very much respect his opinion and his is very well spoken and articulate. He has written several papers over the years on the political climate and recently decided that he wanted assistance building a website to get his thoughts out there.

Chris went over there yesterday and got the 83 year old Jerry set up with his very own Blog. The coolest part? Jerry has already written and successfully published a post all by himself! Check it out. I would love to hear the response of a very liberal person to Jerry's thoughts, just to see the two views come together.

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